Everything around us is getting smarter. As the Internet of Things becomes ubiquitous, smart technology will move beyond “practical” uses medical, fitness, security, etc. and into more subjective, artistic scenarios. 

We are a handful of partners who is passion about image, code, design and innovation that puts outstanding creativity into action to drive business success. You find us in often in Stockholm, Milan, Geneva, San Francisco, Beijing and New York.

This partnership will help companies innovate through the deep design thinking process, streamlining the delivery of simple and elegant design solutions for industry-leading brands in the consumer electronics and media sectors as well as visual intense companies. Operating as a single integrated agency with incorporated practices in Europe, United States and China, Dynamic5 provides high-quality services with a special focus on achieving excellent results within  image, code, design.


We want to explore and experiment and cause chaos without compromising craft. We want to gather some of the best designers and engineers around to hang out, share ideas and build stuff together. As we ramp up, we’re looking forward to connecting and contributing to the creative community. 

There is a saying at Facebook; this journey is 1% finished. No one can ever be fully aware, but designers have to be open to growth and the possibility we’re wrong. Less up and to the right, more up and to the heart.

Technology has always helped us solve problems and extend our potential. Until now our technological tools were external add-ons, largely separate from our bodies. Today they are evolving on a new path integrating with our physiology; we are “hacking” the human body and the senses. Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, is an example of the first generation of consumer products that is changing the way we think about technology extending our potential. We like to design yours bionic 3D-printer.

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