A bike interval timer app for cyclists made for Android. Made for indoor cycling on exercise bikes, but can also be used outside on a "real" bike in "bike mode" (though a handlebar mount for your device is recommended). Of course, you need not be a cyclist to use this app, it's equally suitable for any HIIT timer and interval training use - like running, weight lifting, circuit training and more.

Easy to use

Create your workouts quickly

JaBIT is very easy to use, thanks to it's clear and intuitive user interface. Creating and saving workouts can be done in a matter of seconds using the workout editor.

Connect devices

Record your workouts

You can display pulse, cadence and power from ANT+ compatible devices and set targets for your workouts. You can also record these data for later analysis and export.

Sync with music

Listen while training

You can sync your intervals with your favorite music or YouTube videos. You can also listen to IceCast radio while training.


* Clear and intuitive user interface.

* View and record heart rate, power and cadence data from connected ANT+™ devices.

* Create (and save) your own workouts quickly and easily, optionally grouping intervals with a repeat count etc.

* Built in example workouts.

* Synchronize your intervals to YouTube videos and/or local songs.

* View a history of your sessions.

* Listen to IceCast radio while working out.

* Supports the Zephyr Bluetooth HxM.